It’s difficult to be a content servant of God when:
Although we “try” to help, sometimes “trying” isn’t enough. Would you “try” to help your son, daughter or parent if they were homeless, abused and hopeless? Chances are you’d do more than “try” – you’d devote every minute of your day trying to help them. God doesn’t want us to be content with “trying” to do His work. We’re all His children and He wants the very core of our souls to ache for those who are hungry, homeless, abused and incarcerated as if they were our own children. God wants his followers to have a holy discontent. Trying just isn’t good enough.

Our mission is to bring God’s love and compassion to the streets – two wheels at a time. We’re not perfect. We sin just as much as the average person. We are discontent Christian men and women. We are not content in believing that keeping a pew seat warm on Sunday morning is serving Jesus. So, we mobilize. We ride our steel horses through our communities, serving those in need. If you hear the thunderous pipes of Harley-Davidsons, it may be our ministry bringing resources and a Bible to the homeless, providing guidance to abused women and children, supporting kids who are bullied or just helping clean up an underserved school. Our members will not hesitate go into areas and neighborhoods perceived (often unfairly) as “dangerous.” We partner with local charities and churches to help mobilize their ministries. 

Our members come from all walks of life. But what makes the Holy Discontent Motorcycle Ministry unique? Most of our chapter officers specialize in counseling, social work, ministry, and community outreach. Our ministry takes the Word of God outside of the church pews, puts it on a roaring loud motorcycle and takes it to the streets.