Chronic homelessness isn’t caused by a lack of food or shelter. It’s caused by despair. It’s hard to change when it feels like everything is against you, no one really cares, and you lack the confidence and self-worth to believe it’s possible.

When the members of Holy Discontent thunder through the community, we don’t just hand out food and clothing. We also try to address the root cause of the homelessness, not just treat the symptoms. 

Content in Christ

Our motorcycle ministry doesn’t just hand out food. We use food with the goal of starting relationships. We use it to minister hope. To restore confidence. To empower homeless people to believe their lives can still change.
People battling homelessness need your help to make this possible. Our motorcycle ministry uses donations to create “Content in Christ” kits that include:
  • Grocery cards for food
  • New Testament Bible
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing, blankets, etc.
  • Resource information packs
However, it’s the intangible part of our ministry that makes the most difference. While we help feed and shelter the body, it’s through a transformed spirit where God can restore self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Homeless men, women & children aren’t just our ministry “targets.” They are our our friends. Our members provide genuine friendship to those who are homeless. Every day, Holy Discontent strives to show those who are homeless that they are God’s children, loved, adored and are made for more than their current situation.
More Than a Meal
Substance abuse and mental illness are huge contributors to homelessness. A quick meal, blanket and a hug won’t be a long-term solution. Many of our members are experts in social work, substance abuse and mental health. We bring the necessary expertise and guidance to  them instead of assuming they will seek treatment and guidance on their own. This video shows that quite often, as in the case with Walt and his son Alex, homelessness is often a result of other root causes. We can’t fix homelessness until those root causes are addressed. 
A Team Approach
While our ministry depends on donors to provide supplies and funding for our ministry, we don’t operate in a silo. We support other homeless charities. Sometimes other charities just need some help. If you are part of a homeless charity or program and would like the help of our local chapter, contact us and we’ll glad to help you mobilize your mission!