As a spiritual Special Ops Team, our ministry “abounds in every good work” as we give Jesus to the world. Our motorcycle ministry exists to share God’s Word, God’s Son, and God’s Gospel wherever He sends, to whomever He directs, and to faithfully deliver His message from His Word. God has graciously met our needs to grow our ministry, and we have been privileged to watch the Lord use our “five loaves and two fish” of time, finances and members to transform lives as we have completed the assignments He has given. 
Are we content with what’s been done? Absolutely not. Why?
  • 13 million children in America go to bed hungry tonight. Yes – 13 MILLION.
  • 566,000 will sleep on the street tonight. 
  • A woman is beaten every nine seconds in the United States. 
  • 1 in 8 U.S. children experience neglect, physical or emotional abuse.  This year alone, more people committed suicide in U.S. jails than over the last decade.
Your generous donations help our ministry reduce these numbers every day. These are sons, daughters, moms & dads that are hopeless and suffering. Now is not the time to be content.
Yes, Your Donations Are Tax Deductible!
Although unnecessary, Holy Discontent is in the process of completing the 501c3 application. We anticipate receiving that soon. However, whether or not a church or church ministry applies for and receives a 501c3 tax-exempt recognition letter” from the IRS, any contributions made to a church or church ministry are “automatically qualified” as a tax write-off to the contributor, pursuant to IRS Publication 526, and IRS Code 170(c)(2)(B). A church or ministry does not have to be a “nonprofit charitable organization” to be tax deductible, nor does it need IRS authorization to be tax deductible. According to the IRS, churches and religious ministries have that status “automatically.”