Membership Requirements

In case you’re wondering, this is the most visited page on our web site, by far. While there is a massive amount of interest in joining Holy Discontent and starting other chapters, interest is far from synonymous with commitment. Not everyone who applies or becomes a prospect become fully-patched members.
Similar to motorcycle clubs, our members do earn their patches. But think of our patches more like Boy Scout and Girl Scout patches rather than motorcycle club patches. Some earn their patch with only the credentials they bring to the ministry. If you are a pastor, counselor, social worker, substance abuse counselor, prison minister, or philanthropist, your qualifications may qualify you to be patched-in on Day One.

If you don’t hold one of these qualifications, no worries. To earn a Holy Discontent MM patch and be a full member of our ministry, you must receive a majority vote from the chapter leadership. Patches can be earned quickly and easily depending on your commitment to taking God’s Word and compassion to your local community.


Phase One Requirements:
Patches are most often earned by:
  • Professional or experiential background in one of our ministries. 
    • Social Work
    • Pastors
    • Substance Abuse Counselors
    • Domestic Violence Counselors
    • Psychologists & Christian Counselors
    • Fundraising & Development 
    • Ministry Development
    • Prison Ministers or Counselors 
  • Leading and organizing a Holy Discontent MM approved ministry bike run.
  • Identifying and securing a key partner in delivering vital goods or services to our target communities (homeless, abused children, etc.)
  • Develop a donation pipeline where donors can help fund vital ministry materials for bike runs and charity events (Content in Christ kits, etc.)
  • Completing a “Taking It To The Streets” weekend experience.

Annual Dues
We ask that all members pay annual dues of $99 per year. Our members share administrative expense costs in order to keep our Ministry Per Dollar rate at 90 cents per dollar. These funds will be used for administrative costs, service kits and donations. All chapter officers and board members are exempt from these annual dues, as there is a larger service expectation with those positions. All board members, chapter presidents and treasurers have a full line-of-sight into all ministry finances.