The Chapter President is the top leader of the chapter. They answer to the Phoenix Original (Executive) Chapter President & Vice President. All matters concerning relations between the ministry and any outside person or organization should be routed to the Chapter President for appropriate action. The President or his delegate shall assume the Chair at all chapter meetings. He or she is responsible for controlling the meeting and keeping order. If necessary, the Chair may utilize the services of the Sergeant-at-Arms to aid in keeping order. The Chair may not make or secon

d any motion, and may only vote on questions where their vote would affect the outcome, as in making or breaking a tie vote, or on ballot questions.

Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. Each of the class teachers is carefully screened and thoroughly trained in children’s instruction. The youth ministry of our church is recognized for their meaningful interaction with kids.

The Secretary is responsible for making and keeping all ministry chapter records. This includes national membership lists, chapter bylaws, rules of 
order, standing rules, records of all committee appointments, all written reports, copies of all correspondence between the ministry and any outside person or organization, meeting Minutes. They are responsible for calling roll at the meetings. The Secretary must notify active members of special or emergency meetings, and must notify all the members of any appointments or elections in their absence.

The Treasurer manages the funds of the ministry chapter.  They are also responsible for managing all non-monetary assets, such as un-issued ministry colors and patches, as well as a record of colors, patches, or reproductions thereof issued to members.  He or she may disburse funds to pay expenses as prescribed in the Standing Rules.  The Treasurer must keep an accurate record of all income and expenses.  They are required to report the fiscal status of the club at each regular meeting for the information of the members.  They must submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the ministry are not violated. He is responsible to ensure that the orders of the Executive Chapter are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all ministry events, except as noted under the Duties of the Chairman. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the ministry to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who resigns or is expelled. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the ministry, its members,  or events, they shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information.

The Road Captain is responsible for all ministry runs. He or she shall research, plan, and organize all runs. During actual time on the road or at intermediate stops during a run, they shall act as the ranking club officer, deferring only to the President or Vice-President if either of them are

present, and only then for matters involving persons outside the club. He shall supply the Secretary with any information required to notify members and any outside partners of impending club runs in a timely manner.    

The Development Director is responsible for leading efforts with all donor stewardship, renewal and recognition activities. Work with the national chapter and local chapters to prospect and solicit major donors, including churches, faith-based organizations and charities. Identify and approach potential business partners. Coordinate and follow up on stewardship mailings and phone campaigns, as well as donor requests. Work with marketing and web specialists to help increase communications with supporters. Assist with general fundraising activities as needed.

A Holy Discontent member with a specialist tag signifies that they are a professional in one of the areas that the local ministry serves. This person could be a professional counselor, social worker, etc. We highly value specialists, as they bring the vital knowledge necessary to make our ministries the most effective.

This is the only front patch that you will not see on a Holy Discontent cut. Everyone who wears the Holy Discontent back patch is a member.  So why do we have members listed here too? Because their definitely our most important and biggest group of Christian bikers.